Here are just the most recent submissions:

Cristy Legard at Desert Hills Middle School
"Miss Legard is the best teacher you could ever ask for! She goes above and beyond! She lets you come in for help before school, during her lunch, and after school. She will put her free time aside just to help you out. She is the best math teacher! She is helpful, nice, understanding, caring, trustworthy, someone you could depend on, someone that will always be there for you, she is truly a teacher who wants to teach and wants us to learn, she makes the class enjoyable, and she wont let you give up because she wont give up on you. I love her as a teacher! That is why I think Miss Legard should be nominated. She deserves it!"

Sarah Robinson at Kamiakin High School
"She taught me sooo much Spanish. I went in to that class only knowing "Hola" and at the end of the year I was almost fluent. She is an amazing teacher and extremely helpful when I had questions. She deserves to win 'best teacher.'"

Kristen Wren at Livingston Elementary
"She helps you when need it and does not call you out. She always has fun teaching [and] that always makes me want to come back in the morning. She has an awesome personality and I can only wish I had her this year. She makes me want to be a teacher myself. I really hope she wins this I think she deserves this."

Cherie Baudrand at Hawthorne Elementary
"I have been a parent volunteer in Ms. Baudrand's class for four years now. This is a woman so well prepared, so understanding of children's natures, and so patient. I learn things from Ms. Baudrand's interaction with her students that I use in our home and in other places where I have dealings with children. Because of her, I have something good to pass along. I have seen her connect with and make a difference to every child in her classroom -- from the child who knows everything and is yearning for more, to the child who doesn't speak English and struggles to grasp anything. Ms. Baudrand can reach each child and she does. Ms. Baudrand deserves to be teacher of the month this month and every month."