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Rowdy Barrys Son is Following His Dads Footsteps
Talk about the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Miles Barry , (Son of Rowdy Barry) is carving own niche in the bullfighter world!
Due to injuries at the bullfight last weekend. Miles Barry got a call Monday inviting him to fight bulls at the BFO qualifying round with a chance to compe…
Motor-home Crashes Off Road & Through Fence on Edison Exit
Kennewick police got reports of an accident on the Edison exit leading into Columbia Park and found a motor home that had lost control and ran through a fence.
The driver of the motor home says it stalled causing the brakes to go out, according to reports...
Kidz Dig Rigz Is on the Way Back!!
Every year kids young and old love going to Kidz Dig Rigz. In case you don't know, two day family-friendly event where you can get up close and personal with all types of big rigs such as tractors, fire trucks, tanks and more! The day is full of fun on and around the rigs, food vendors, face p…

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