I met a few of my gal pals at Bookwalter Winery last night and I got to listen to the amazing Pamela Thomas-Martin along with Michael Murphey.

Pamela is a singer/songwriter and mixes some of her originals in with a genre of Americana,Folk,Rock,and Alternative.

I absolutely LOVE her voice! Plus she's a super nice person too! After they were done performing, we all met over at Emerald of Siam and sang a few songs for their open mic night. (Pamela runs their open mic nights every Thursday.

Some other great musicians were there jammin' up a storm when we got there! But, we got on stage pretty quick and the incredibly talented musician Caleb Knutsen,  jumped in with us on piano for a number or two!

We also had a drummer jump in (who's name I didn't catch) and there were some other great jammers that came out to play!

It was a fun night!  It's always fun to mix it up with a bunch of musicians that you've never played with before!

One of my favorite songs is Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones. So, back at Bookwalter Pamela and Michael sang it for me and I recorded it. Hey...I just found another video of her doing the same song this time by herself. If you want to hear more of her..check it out to! I think she is awesome!

Check out the video!