OK, she won't really give me the recipe, so I'm going to give you the quick cheat sheet version. Nor will she give me the spelling of what she calls them. Growing up, her family called them "gerabaducks" -- that's phonetic, I have no idea the real spelling. But I did find out others call them bierocks or runzas.

These are the perfect comfort food. You pick them up, eat them with your hands and get full fast. She makes them for my work crews when we're building the haunted house each year. It's an old German recipe and everybody loves them. All my boys are hoping for the recipe before she dies.

Basically you make bread or roll dough. For our cheat-sheet recipe, I'll recommend Pillsbury or frozen roll dough.

Then you cook one pound of ground beef, chop one onion and six cups of cabbage in a big pan. Season to your own taste. Some people add mozzarella or substitute the cabbage for sour kraut.