I read today that Lady Gaga believes she is a reincarnation of her aunt.  Those kinds of thoughts are always fascinating to me. I wonder sometimes if that could be true...

I am a pretty "spiritual" person and there are certain things I feel very SURE about. But, there is plenty that I am plainly open to learning more about.

So the thought that maybe we are living another life, trying to learn more and do better this time around is intriguing.

A friend of mine always said I was the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe. I know that sounds funny...because I am in no way a "Sex Symbol" nor do I care to be.  He is a huge fan of hers (and also mine) and saw similarities in our childhood upbringing as well as some of our personality traits and life experiences. There are conflicting reports of opinion when it came to the personality of Marilyn.

Some of those opinions are not flattering in any way shape or form. Others, are very nice.  Some say she had "Borderline Personality Disorder" (which is something that my mother has.) So, I promptly investigated that, and found I do NOT have it thankfully. But, having that influence in my life, certainly had it's impact.

He always told me I was following Marilyn's same path and needed to learn this time around how to do it differently! It always freaked me out when he would say that stuff...and the little bit I read about her, made me want to make sure I didn't make her same mistakes!

I could relate to her pain, and how she related to the world in some ways. (But, I think most women can)

I hope some of the mean things people say about her are not true in her or in me!

I don't think I'm Narcissistic. But, for some reason, I tend to find myself in the spot light a lot. Whether singing or on the radio etc. And needing the acceptance of strangers or the public I guess could certainly be perceived that way.

How it's always  felt to me, is that since I didn't really have parents growing up or a sense of "Family" I feel a need to create that in the world around me.

She was also said to have a huge heart, was an animal lover and a very generous person! Her trouble with men, was because she relied on or loved them TOOO much! And yea, I can definitely relate to that!

Marilyn died on August 5th 1962. I was born five days later... on August 10th 1962.

Luckily... If I am a reincarnation of Marilyn, I think we FINALLY figured a few things out and are healthier and happier because of it!

Do you ever feel you could be a reincarnation of someone? Who?