We had so much fun riding Sunday!

I took "Lady Liberty" out for the first time this year. I just started her under saddle last spring, and really haven't had many rides on her.

I wasn't sure how she would be, but she did great! She is such a cute little thing, and quite different than riding my BIG Friesien Horse "Galeron"

I trained Liberty using mainly Clinton Anderson techniques. I've always trained all my own horses and used methods that I've kind of come up with that have worked for me. I also use, things  I've learned from Pat Parelli, or Clinton Anderson or Buck Branaman or Lauri Grell. (who had the Sire of Galeron Sir Galahad Deluc)

So, this time, I pretty much stuck to the Clinton Anderson method and I gotta say, she's been the easiest so far using his techniques. So Kudo's to Clint. She's been a cinch...well, after the inital month of ground work anyway! hah!

Here's some short clips of our ride yesterday!