My favorite Tri-City Herald headline of the summer has got to be "Rodent Likely Cause of KID Canal Breach" -- but what kind of rodent? They don't say. Make your guess here. Just for fun, I'm saying a someone's lost pet guinea pig!

Seriously, what kind of rodent can make a canal breach, dumping hundreds of gallons and shutting off water for 4,500 people!

Was it a beaver dam?

Did a rat or jack rabbit get stuck in a pipe?

I read online that muskrats, nutria, ground squirrels and other rodents burrow into dikes, berms and levies. If too many dig too deep it will destabilize the barrier and cause flooding.

One of the best ways of dealing with the infestation is leaving rat poison, but apparently that can wreak havoc on ecosystems when predators eat the poisoned rodents.