Bree Turner -- the actress who plays Rosalee Calvert on NBC's "GRIMM" -- joined us on air this morning from the bathroom of her playroom where she was hiding from her kids. We talked about her character's interspecies romance on the show plus her acting career (that included a credit as Legs No. 5 in "The Big Lebowski"). Will she let her kids watch The Dude and "American Pie"? Probably when they're older, she said, but

"I don't know if Julianne Moore's flying breasts in 'The Big Lebowski.' Although I'm still nursing my son, so I guess he'd be right at home with flying breasts."

Rosalee Calvert is a Fuchsbau (one of the magical creatures who appear human but can morph into their true state) who runs an herb shop. She's the love interest of Monroe (the main character's friend). But she doesn't morph often.

Morphing is due to a lack of control -- an emotional surge of good and bad. Rosalee has kept her cool."

That's going to change TONIGHT, April 30, as "GRIMM" premiers in its new time slot Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

Tonight I have one of my favorite morphs. Something very bad goes down and that old bad ass quality of Rosalee comes back into play, which is fun."

The romance between Rosalee and Monroe is moving at a "glacier pace" she acknowledged, "But we're ramping up on that. I think fans will be very... 'satisfied,' should I say, by season's end."

Rosalee is similar to a fox, but Monroe is a wolf. What happens when things get steamy? Bree said interspecies mating is a common topic of conversation among the show's creators, who feel wolves and foxes are close enough for proper romance to be unproblematic, she said.

It's a huge honor to be moved to Tuesdays from their old spot on Friday nights. They come on immediately after "The Voice."

Our show's getting bigger in concept. Each week our stories are getting broader and bigger... we're due, we're due for a larger night."

We just had to ask what role she played in "The Big Lebowski." It turns out she's one of the dancers with bowling pin hats during The Dude's dream sequence. Julianne Moore is dressed as a Valkyrie and The Dude shows her how to bowl while the pin hatted dancers circle them. The scene ends with him gliding/flying down the lane through the dancers' legs. Bree Turner is the fifth pair of legs. We wanted to include the clip, but it's a little inappropriate for young audiences -- and the scene is followed by a topless woman thrown in the air.

Ironically, those aren't the flying breasts Turner was referring to. In another scene Julianne Moore, playing an avant garde artist flies through her studio in revealing attire.

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