I'm always looking for a good bargain so it's good to know that certain times of the year are better times to buy certain items. And other times are not. I've compiled a list to help you out in the month of June! Happy Savings!

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    People are gearing up for those summer time projects around the house plus Father's day falls in the month of June. Several retailers like Sears,Lowes and Home Depot give great deals this month!

    (From Sears.com)
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    Gym Memberships

    With warm weather on the horizon most people prefer to exercise outdoors. June is a difficult month for gym's to sign up new members so they tend to offer great specials during this month, with decreased joining fee's and BOGO's.

    (By:FLICKR/ hotelcasavelas2)
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    Tropical Vacation

    This month is the beginning of hurricane season and sweltering heat in the Caribbean so a lot of people avoid this tropical paradise making this the perfect time to scoop up some great deals on tropical cruises and all inclusive packages. Make sure to purchase the travel insurance. Just in case.

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    Foods In Season

    The local farmers markets are open. Right now you'll find asparagus,salad fixins' and soon cherries and Walla Walla sweets. Buying and eating local not only tastes better but is better on your pocketbook.

    (Photo By Stacy Lee)
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    Dishes and Cookware

    Last month brought deep discounts on cookware because of Mother's day and many of those discount continue in the month of June. Let's not forget all of this month's blushing brides, look for discounts at all of the big retailers like, Macy's, JC Penney, Target ect..