Yesterday I had the privilege of being a volunteer judge of the 2012 Desert Hills Middle School science fair. I was surprised to find out that Desert hills is the only middle school in Kennewick to hold a science fair. I was so impressed by Teachers Julie Nelson & Linda Barnes for putting on such a quality event. Not only did the over 80 kids learn a lot about science but they also had to hone in their speaking skills. I had to judge 10 different projects..which were all excellent but I had to choose my top 3. It was a very difficult decision and I'm not going to reveal my choices. Just wanted to Thank Julie & Linda and Desert Hills for putting on a quality show. The winners of the DHMS science fair go on to the Mid Columbia Science Fair you'll be able to see all the entries at Columbia Center MallMarch 8th,9th, and 10th.

I really enjoyed being a judge hope they need me next year! Please support our schools & excellent teachers!