Now days there are all kinds of procedures available that claim to have benefits for your skin and appearance.

I've been pretty lacking in the past as far as good skin regimen goes...

I've never put much energy into product or services. And I have never been good at using sunscreen or anything and my skin has definitely suffered because of it!

So, I recently was introduced to BodyBio Clinic in Kennewick. I decided to do a "skin resurfacing treatment" to see if it would help my skin have a more youthful healthier appearance! At my age..I figure I could use some help!

Jessica is the Anesthetist there and did The C02 procedure on my face using a laser.

I've definitely noticed a smoother texture and smaller pores. my face seems healthier and softer. I'm glad I did it!

I'm not sure if you can tell in the pics. I'm not big on make up, so I don't wear any base makeup, just moisturizer and eye liner.

I'm including before and after pics of the Co2 Treatment. The "After" looks pretty scary. And it was a bit uncomfortable but after a few days of gooey ointment on it, it was all healed up! And, I've noticed a VAST improvement!

I'm including some pics for you to see. And if you have any questions feel free to call and ask  me. 509-845-1939. Also, I've included an interview with the Anesthetist Jessica whom I absolutely LOVE! she is awesome!

She has also done hair removal for me with the newest latest and greatest laser available.!It's a $100,000 machine! And it does wonders! I just had the hair removal done on my lower legs and it's so nice not having to shave!

At BodyBio Clinic, they have an array of things available to help you look and feel your best! Massages, facials, skin care etc. Even a full host of nutrition experts to help get your health, and weight on track!

Jessica is amazing and super comfortable and easy to be around! I've been so happy with all the services they have done for me! Check out the pics and see if you can see the crows feet wrinkles really reduce from my before pic to my after pic! Wow! Pretty amazing actually, and that's not even what I went in for! Lol!

Find them online at and be sure to listen to the interview!