The Monopoly game has been in the news a lot lately, and now there's new unbelievable information that is guaranteed to make you say, "WHAT?!"A professor at Notre Dame University claims you can win a game of Monopoly in just nine dice rolls!

  • You go first
  • If you roll big numbers you can make it to Park Place quickly.
  • Buy Park Place
  • Roll a 2 to get to Boardwalk
  • Buy Boardwalk
  • Buy three houses
  • On your opponent's next roll, if they land on Chance and get a card that tells them to advance to Boardwalk, they now can't afford to pay and so they lose!

There are a lot of "IFs" in there, so it's a scenario, not a strategy. In fact, the professor calculated your odds of winning that way is...

1 in 254 TRILLION!

During one of the anniversaries of Monopoly, I remember someone from the company on the radio saying if you follow the rules exactly the game is only supposed to take one hour. I "googled" that just now and couldn't find proof of it. I'm curious if anyone thinks it's true.

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