Earlier this week we asked how many all-girl wrestling teams there were. Apparently most local high schools have all-girl teams! We think that's great. But if there is no girl team, or no female opponent for a girl wrestler, then what?
A wrestling coach from Pasco High School called in to the show and said that in that event a boy is expected to wrestle a girl. A former female wrestler called in and said she preferred wrestling boys because it made her stronger against the girls.

But what if the boy doesn't want to wrestle a girl?

I know a former assistant wrestling coach who said it was quite common for a younger boy to have a... how do we say it?... physiological reaction to wrestling a girl -- especially if she was an attractive girl. And 15-year-old boys are frequently traumatized by their inability to control their physiological reactions in public. What about having that reaction in a skin tight uniform in front of all your peers and their parents?

The Pasco High coach said the boy must go into the match with the right mindset. The former wrestler said every athlete must be focused on winning and nothing else.

But I don't personally believe 15-year-old boys have a lot of control over their physiological reactions -- especially in a scenario where they're rolling around on a mat in skin-tight outfits with an attractive member of the opposite sex.

As a parent of a teenage boy, I'm not OK with it. I'm definitely not OK with his team being penalized for his forfeit. What do you think?