The issue seems to appear every year around the time of the Fourth of July.

People all over the Tri-Cities shoot up fireworks weeks before and after the Independence Day. But there is something more to fireworks than the colorful streaks and displays and all the exciting "Pop's."

The disadvantages of fireworks interrupt residents of Richland, causing many complaints and stress.

Richland resident Andrew Kirk said, "I usually put my kids to bed around 8 p.m. and it is almost impossible to do so lately because of all the noise."

I grew up in Anaheim, California, where fireworks went off every night from Disney Land. As a kid, I enjoyed the show and all the fun. But as a homeowner and a dog owner now, I would hate to have my two little dogs petrified and barking all night long.

Another Richland resident Gail Sears said: "My cat has been hiding behind the washer for the past 3 nights and now. Tonight, I'm sure we'll be experiencing the same M80 x 10 explosions from the new nearby neighbor."

Sears also said, "I feel really bad for all of the neighbors who have animals too. Several of them are in their 70s with cute little dogs that they take for walks every evening before the sun goes down. I hope they have doggie drugs."

Behind all the fun and beauty of the fireworks, many residents appear upset and disturbed.

If you have a dog that's afraid, I saw this new dog anxiety protection at Petco. It's supposed to work for upset dogs.