I know a lot of business owners on Columbia Drive between the bridges, so I need to be careful with my words, but I think it looks like one giant used car lot. I want to see it rezoned. I think it currently looks trashy.

Clover Island is a perfect example. You had to drive past three used car lots and two trailer parks to reach your 40-foot yacht and river-front property. It's getting better, and I support the city's efforts to improve Columbia Drive itself.

Some city council members would like to see the industrial/commercial zone include residential/commercial with several condominiums along the river. Basically they want the "backdoor of the city" to become the "front door of the city." I think that's brilliant.

But now the city council is backing down. The business owners are upset and the politicians are back pedaling. Instead of ridding the area of used car lots, the new rules will only apply to auto service centers. And existing ones are grandfathered in. And 395 to Fruitland will become an "auto lane" and the rest of the strip will be rezoned.

Well then what's the point?

If they can make the area by the Cable Bridge nicer, I'll applaud that, but that doesn't fix "the problem."

On the other hand, don't those businesses.have rights? Don't they deserve to be left alone or at least grandfathered in? I'm so torn. What do you think?