"The Wolverine" open Friday and antagonist WIll Yun Lee says he only saw the premier last week. His reaction? "This is the best Wolverine you've ever seen of all the times Hugh Jackman has done the Wolverine... It's a really cool, dark, gritty character piece wrapped in a summer tempo movie."

Will Yun Lee, known for playing evil Asians in movies like "Die Another Day," "Elektra," "Red Dawn" and "Total Recall" is the Silver Samurai in "The Wolverine." He calls it a mysterious character with ties to Wolverine and the love interest. Typical of all X-Men movies, "The Wolverine" has a diverse cast of characters the audience is never quite sure are hunting or helping Wolverine.

Regardliess, "The Wolverine" will be the grittiest X-Men movie to date, he said.

How does Will Yun Lee feel about always being the evil Asian?

"I'm waiting for the comedy, but right now they want me to end the world," he joked.

It's been a great summer for the actor who welcomed a new baby boy to his family last month. How's fatherhood?

"Definitely more work than fighting Hugh Jackman."

What is the big Australian like to work with? The word on the street is he's the nicest actor in Hollywood and Will Yun Lee said it's true.

"The best example I can give is everyday at lunch break 99.9 percent of people go to cafeteria and the star... goes to their trailer. He eats in the cafeteria and stands in line with everyone and makes you really feel like you're part of the movie."

"Yet when the cameras rev up and they yell action you better get out of his way..." with claws and 3 percent body fat there's no niceness coming from the Wolverine.

Speaking of body fat, how buff is the Korean twice named one of the sexiest men alive by US WEEKLY? Will Yun Lee just laughed at the question. The first time he made the list the first person to call him was his mother.

"You look so skinny," she said. "Are you eating?"

Listen to the whole interview below: