We found an article online from cracked.com about how some of the technology you use every day isn't as reliable as you might think. Here are the top six "Gadgets That Lie to You Every Day".

The Fuel Gauge on Your Car.  You've probably noticed that after you fill up at a gas station, the needle goes to full...and then stays there for the first 50 miles or so.

That's because the thing in the tank that measures how much gas you have is just a rubber ball on a stick, like the one in your tank on your toilet.

So when you're 90% full, it still looks like you're COMPLETELY full. And when it says you're on "Empty," you probably still have a gallon of gas left.

The "Door Close" Button in the Elevator at Work.  In most cases, it doesn't do anything. That's according to Jim Menville, who's been working on elevators for 47 years.

Scales.  The scale in your bathroom probably isn't as accurate as you think. But what's worse is, the one at your DOCTOR'S office might not be accurate either.

The Thermostat in Your Office.  It depends on how cheap your company is, but some experts say almost ALL office thermostats do absolutely nothing.

Your Speedometer.  How accurate it is depends on a few things, including tire pressure, the weather, how old your alternator is, and how old your tires are.

In theory, your speedometer could be off by 10%...or sevenmiles an hour if your driving 70mph.

Your Cell Phone.  It lies about two things: Battery life, and the signal strenghth. When it says it's 100% charged, it's actually more like 90 or 95% charged, because being FULLY charged can damage your battery. But cell phone companies don't want you to know that, so they tell you it's 100%.