Well, if you live in an urban area, or are like me and board my horses out in an urban area...you too may be dealing with getting sprinklers and irrigation lines working again. I've been working non-stop, trying to fix broken PVC pipe and sprinklers that my horses ruined over the winter.

Sometimes, I hate being a girl. It takes me way longer to dig up anything! And this morning it took me quite some time just to wrestle the lid off the PVC Glue! Yikes! It's a constant struggle! And between that and trying to put up new electric fence to keep my horses off the pasture, I'm about ready to throw in the towel! But, .I can't do that! So I just laugh and go try some more!  Because it has to be done! I have to re-seed the pasture and the water has to be going! So, I will keep at it!

Thank God for Ranch & Home, the guys there were so helpful with picking out parts and sprinklers!

But, in case you are going through the same thing...just know you ARE NOT ALONE!

Good luck! We'll be happy when it's all done right?!!