My oldest Son Nick came to see me Sunday for my Birthday weekend! He lives in Seattle. He brought me flowers for my birthday and took me for a mocha at Starbucks! He had me laughing so hard...I almost spit coffee all over!

Then we headed to the river with my horse Galeron.(after eating at Subway!)

Nick used to ride when he was little, but hasn't been on a horse for years!! But, he couldn't resist climbing on Galeron and taking him for a swim in the river!

We had a ton of fun! My friends Megan and Nadia came too with their horses. And, Nadia and I have ALWAYS just let our horses graze un- tied along the bank of the river while we hang out and get some sun. Well,

for some reason all the horses decided to just take off running...and they all ran so far, we lost site of them and it took us quite some time to locate them!

We were running  through waste high sage, spider filled weeds, thorns, stickers and grass in 100 degree heat...trying to spot the horses and I looked over at my son jogging beside me and I said laughing.".I'm so sorry honey...I'm sure this is NOT fun to you!" and he said  "No mom, it's fine... I think it's kinda fun!"  Then he said I miss the adventures we used to have on horses! "  He was such a trooper !

He went and got the horse trailer, and drove it through rough terrain,  while  I got on Galeron and ponied the other two horses back.

They were obviously tired of running...cause they just stood there and let me gather them up! By the time we met up with Nadia and Megan they were scratched and sun burned and NOT HAPPY! Course they didn't have Nickadoo to keep them company in the search like I did!

I love so much having SONS! Nicholas and Brenden are the neatest young men I know! Brenden lives in Texas now, but we Tango a lot! It was so nice to spend the day with Nick! I feel like the luckiest Mom in the world! It's really neat that he would come play with me! After so many years of him asking ME to play with him when he was little! Kinda Ironic huh?