Is Adele Becoming Reclusive?
Anyone wondering why we haven't seen pictures of Adele's new baby?
Sources from Mail Online say: "At the age of 24, she is dealing with fame and fortune in a decidedly contrary way.
Adele’s Next CD Upbeat and Positive!
Adele's first cd that I heard... "21" was so incredible and was spawned out of utter heart ache from the break up with her and her boyfriend. I guess break ups are good for something!
I read somewhere that Adele is now so happy and in love with Simon and is enjoying her new bab…
Adele Gives Birth to Baby Boy!
Congratulations Adele! Reports say that the 24-year-old singer gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last week -- but in typical Adele fashion, she managed to keep it under wraps.
Adele Calls Out Stars for Using Sex to Sell Music
Adele, who is pregnant with her first child, doesn't rely on having to cultivate an overtly sexual image or shilling perfume in order to sell records. She has repeatedly stated that she doesn't want to be a pop star or any sort of sex symbol. But now, she is taking pop stars who get a litt…
Adele Recording James Bond Theme at Abbey Road Studios?
It's been rumored since last year that Adele would be tapped to record the theme for the new James Bond film, Skyfall, which is opening in November.  Though Adele hinted at it during a British TV interview, nobody has ever confirmed it, but now there's a piece of evidence that sugg…
Music Sales Revealed
Results are in! Nielsen SoundScan, the company that tracks actual music sales in the U.S. has released music reports. The following reports are on results for the first half of 2012.

The Top 10 bestselling albums for this period were:
1. Ade
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