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Choose the Celebrity Baby Name? [QUIZ]
Congratulations to Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are the proud parents of a new baby boy named Isaiah Michael Fisher. Carrie Tweeted: Tiny hands and tiny feet...God has blessed us with an amazing gift! Isaiah Michael Fisher - born February 27.  Time now for a fun Quiz:
Kanye West + Kim Kardashian Reveal the Name of Their Baby
There have been tons of rumors floating around concerning the name of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's new baby girl, who arrived five weeks early on Saturday, June 15. Which "K" name would it be for their little bundle of joy? Kash, Klementine, Kai, Kaidence? None of these, as…
Strangest Name I’ve Ever Heard
I've met some people with some odd names in this world but this one might be the strangest! Check out this picture from a martial arts studio in uptown Richland. Congratulations Zarlashta for breaking the brick with your mighty chop!
Beyonce Shares Tumblr Poem to Explain Blue Ivy Name
Since the birth of Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s baby Blue Ivy Carter, many have speculated on their daughter’s unique name. The R&B queen posted a poem today (June 14) by Rebecca Solnit called ‘A Field Guide to Getting Lost’ that offers a little insight on …
This Year’s Top Baby Names Revealed
Choosing a baby name can be a stressful process! Many family, friends, and even strangers will be happy to offer you suggestions. But ultimately it is your decision to make.

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