Big Jim And Stacy Lee

Why We Shouldn’t Walk and Text
A reporter for Canada's CBC News was doing a live report outside an office building in Ontario. And in the middle of it, a woman in the background was walking and texting...and fell down a set of stairs.
It was just three concrete steps, but she landed pretty hard...
New Facebook Photo Fad Alert: Linning
If you haven't heard about this guy yet, there's an Asian-American NBA player on the New York Knicks named Jeremy Lin who's become the biggest pro basketball story of the year... in the span of one week.
“Smash” Star Christian Borle
Big Jim & Stacy Lee talked with Christian Borle, He plays "Tom Levitt" on NBC's "Smash". Not only is Christian on one of the biggest shows of the season, he also appeared in "The Bounty Hunter" with Jennifer Aniston, and if you don&a…
Harry Potter in 60 Seconds
If you want to know the plot of the entire Harry Potter series from start to finish...but don't want to read anything or sit through 20 hours of movies, now you don't have to. It's Harry Potter in 60 seconds. Enjoy!
Hayes MacArthur NBC’s “Whitney” [INTERVIEW]
Big Jim & Stacy Lee land another big interview with Hayes MacArthur, he guest stars tonight on NBC's "Whitney". He is a very interesting guy, and secretly has a big crush on Rhianna...who knew. In fact he wouldn't give a rest even though we were trying to get away…
Brian d’Arcy James Interview
Stacy Lee thinks Brian d'Arcy James' signature eyebrows are identical to Big Jim's. What do you think? Who's got the biggest 'brows? Can you tell the difference? The two distinguished performers do look alike, see below.

This Is How You Order At a Drive-Thru
This may be the best drive-thru order of all time: A wanna-be singer-songwriter named Giorgio Fareira went to the drive-thru at Sonic with his friends. And instead of speaking the order, he brought a guitar and sang it!
The drive-thru girl loved it...
5-Year-Old Knows A Lot Of Company Logos
This is just another sign that TV is brainwashing our kids. Some guy had his 5-year-old daughter identify 30 different logos, and she knew a lot of them. I guess advertising does work!

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