Will You Support Your Child Choosing Their Own Career Path? [POLL]
My son wants to become a professional soccer player. My wife and I are supporting him in working toward that goal. Andrew thinks that's unwise because in today's economy we should be steering our children into wise career paths since they'll have it harder than we did. I think everyone wants to supp…
What Are the Deadliest Jobs in America?
For the majority of us, paper cuts, caffeine jitters and the occasional post-lunch stomach trauma comprise the extent of our work-related hazards—none particularly serious and certainly not life-threatening. But every day some Americans go to work and literally risk their lives for a…
Gwen Stefani Compares Solo Career to Playing a Role + Pretending
Gwen Stefani has made no secret of the fact that while she had fun being a ‘Hollaback Girl’ and releasing two successful solo albums while No Doubt were on an extended break, she didn’t prefer being without her boys in her band. She’s gone on record to say that her solo career will remain in the rea…
Getting Bullied at Your Workplace? You’re Not Alone
Bullying isn’t just limited to kids on a playground — it also affects adults in the workplace. In fact, a recent poll found more than a third of American employees, 53 million in all, have been intimidated, harassed or threatened by a boss or co-worker.
What Are the Happiest Jobs in America?
When you’re considering accepting a job, wouldn’t it be nice to know if the people who already hold similar positions are happy doing them? If so, you may find a new survey particularly interesting.

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