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Charlie Sheen Negotiating New Sitcom Deal: Report
Troubled actor Charlie Sheen may be returning to television sooner than you might think.
According to sources for TMZ, the former 'Two and a Half Men' star, who was unceremoniously fired from the top-rated CBS sitcom in March for disparaging comments he made at creator Chuck Lorre, has reportedly rec…
‘Goddess’ Bree Olson Dumps Charlie Sheen
Actor Charlie Sheen had a bit of "sad" news to report at the Fort Lauderdale, FL, stop of his 'Violent Torpedo of Truth' tour on Saturday.
During a Q&A segment with the audience, Sheen revealed that he had been dumped by one of his "goddesses," porn star Bree Olson, via text m…
Kids React To Charlie Sheen[VIDEO]
Here's some entertaining insight to what kids think about Charlie Sheen....This is a panel of  kids from the "Kids React" series. Got to love their reactions! Watch the video after the jump.
Charlie Sheen Is Trying to Trademark His New Catchphrases
While Charlie Sheen mania seems to be calming down a bit, the self-proclaimed possessor of "Adonis DNA" is betting that some the colorful catchphrases he coined or popularized during his unprecedented pop cultural rampage will stick around for a long time.
Hydro-gliff, a California company …
Sheen’s Winning Recipe [VIDEO]
The producers of Three and a Half Men say Charlie Sheen's in no shape to work, but the man with Adonis DNA and tiger's blood has proven otherwise. In this new, hysterical video for, Sheen plays the role of cooking-show host Charlie Sheen.
Sheens Corner [VIDEO]
Kinda seems like Charlie Sheen wants to to a radio guy? What do you think of these " sheenanigans ".... click to watch the video
Sheen In Therapy[VIDEO]
Fans of Two and a Half Men know actress Jane Lynch as Charlie's sarcastic therapist. And with the current mental state that Charlie Sheen is in, some time with Dr. Linda Freeman wouldn't be a bad thing. This is hilarious...have a great day!

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