Spring Cleaning Burns The Same Calories As Running a Marathon
Who needs the gym when all you have to do is clean your house, I mean really clean your house. A study by reveals that Spring cleaning (3,655 calories) burns more calories than running a marathon (between 2,500 and 3,500 calories). Here's the break down:
A New Survey Reveals Christmas To Be The Messiest Holiday
A new survey by Brawny Paper Towels reveals that the amount of time women spend cleaning triples during the holiday season. Other findings:
Let us know what you think the messiest holiday is....Leave a comment below and listen for the results with Big Jim & Stacy Lee in the morning!
5 Gifts Not to Get Mom for Mother’s Day
If there's one talent moms have, it's their killer poker face. That's why you may not have noticed any disappointment from gifts you've given her on a holiday, birthday or Mother's Day in the past, from macaroni necklaces to wilted bouquets. And though we're sure you've given her lots of things she …