Local Non-profit Doing Great Things for Low Income Homeowners
Rebuilding Mid-Columbia is a Local non-profit willing to help low-income home owners at no cost to them.
Rebuilding Mid-Columbia improves the quality of life for low-income homeowners by offering housing repair at no cost & preserving a…
It Could Take You Longer to Get to Work via the Cable Bridge
If you use the Cable Bridge to get to work, you may encounter delays the rest of the month. Starting tomorrow (March 8) construction on a new water line begins. The work will go from the bridge to First Ave, and the light at the intersection of Colombia Drive and Gum Street will be out...
Pasco Is About to Get Tagged! Warning Spray Paint!
Pasco Public Works Department will be painting city streets beginning (today) Wednesday, September 7th.
Crews will begin with painting the yellow lines everywhere!! If you are traveling through pasco and drive a black car…well, you might want to stear clear...

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