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Gordon Ramsey Cooks the Perfect Steak in 2.5 Minutes
I am a huge Gordon Ramsey fan, I watch all of his shows and one of these days I will dine in one of his restaurants, but until then I'll just have to cook like him. Watch Gordon show you how to cook the PERFECT steak in 2.5 minutes...AMAZING!
Rainbow Asparagus Recipe [Video]
I went to the opening day of the Pasco Farmers Market this weekend. It was great pretty much all that is in season right now is yummy asparagus. To my surprise I discovered a whole new world of asparagus two different varieties that I didn't know existed. White and Purple, not sure if they hav…
Cooking Class With Fabio [Video]
I love to cook and last week I actually made this dish at home for my family. It turned out great. i had to do a lot of research to find the perfect recipe. To my lucky surprise I found Fabio and his online cooking show called Chow Ciao I found it very helpful and I love his accent...