Turkey, Ham, Prime Rib..What’s YOUR Favorite For Thanksgiving?
I think most years I cook a turkey. I think if I remember correctly I ruined a prime rib once because my meat thermometer was broken. I usually do a spiral ham for Christmas so I resort to a turkey each thanksgiving. I like the left over turkey sandwiches and it's pretty hard to mess up a turke…
Stacys Herbed Risotto [RECIPE]
I'm totally addicted to watching Hell's Kitchen on Monday night. If you watch you know Risotto is always on the menu, and is usually something you probably order in a restaurant. It's really not that hard to make at home and is a favorite around my house. Here's the recipe I guar…
Rainbow Asparagus Recipe [Video]
I went to the opening day of the Pasco Farmers Market this weekend. It was great pretty much all that is in season right now is yummy asparagus. To my surprise I discovered a whole new world of asparagus two different varieties that I didn't know existed. White and Purple, not sure if they hav…
Easy Healthy Dinner [VIDEO]
Here is another easy healthy dinner that my boyfriend Tony and I make occasionally. I've been posting these because (As I mentioned in earlier posts) when I began dating him, he was a junk food junkie.

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