School Cancels Dances Until the Twerking Stops! Is It Fair? [POLL]
This story is so hilarious! Stacy Lee is taking the side of the students. So long as they aren't groping and making out, what's the problem? My heart goes out to anyone who chaperones a school dance! Awkward policing the awkward, and then the twerking starts! Listen to our full conversatio…
Adorable Twin Girls Dance to Daddy’s Guitar [VIDEO]
It's long been said that kid's say the darndest things, but most the time, its the silly, crazy and cute things they do that makes us crack up. In this video, two 11 month old identical twin girls go gaga over their daddy's guitar playing. WARNING: CUTENESS OVERLOAD...
Watch Michelle Obama Do the Dougie [VIDEO]
Sure, President Barack Obama took down the most wanted terrorist in the world this week, but it looks like wife Michelle has some pretty slick moves of her own.
While promoting her Let's Move campaign Tuesday, which aims to fight childhood obesity, the First Lady took part in a flash workout to Beyon…
Funny Kids Dance Battle [VIDEO]
If you're one of those people who get a kick out of watching a chubby, little kid dance -- and seriously, who doesn't? Than this one's for you enjoy!