Strange But Effective Ways to Deal With Allergies
Tired of allergy season? We are! Here at 98.3 The Key we are abusing our "cough" button! Allergies can be very bothersome and some are turning to strange but effective ways of dealing with them. Here are some of the best I've read:
It’s Prom Time, What’s The Trend?
Here's your made-up media trend of the day. According to the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists at "Teen Vogue", the big fashion trend this season is girls wearing men's pajamas to their prom. They say it's inspired by current high-fashion trends where women are taki…
How Many Miles Makes Your Car Old?
According to a new survey by Quaker State, the average American says a car isn't "old" until it hits 147,000 miles. And most people say your car should last for 200,000 miles before you retire it.
Not surprisingly, more than two-thirds of people say a car's mileage is a be…
The New IPad is Hot…in Your Lap
The new iPad is HOT. In sales...but also in temperature. Over the weekend, Apple sold more than three million of them. That's three times more than the iPad 2 sold its first weekend. But "Consumer Reports" says the new iPad runs about 13 degrees hotter than the iPad 2 and…
Apps Drain Your Batteries
You don't want to pay 99 cents for apps. We get it. that's a ton of money. But downloading the free version might be having a really negative side effect...they're killing your battery.

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