How to Tell If It’s Too Hot to Walk Your Dog
With 100+ degree weather we're all struggling to give our kids and pets enough "outside time." But even if your animal has been cooped up all day, you could burn their feet by walking them when the asphalt is too hot.Here's how to tell:
Pendleton Women Gets Stolen Dog Back 4 Years Later!
This story will melt your heart. A woman living in Portland "lost" her pit bull and never quit looking for her for two years. She then moved to Pendleton and fours years after losing "Star" she got a call from Portland police.
My New Puppy Survived Parvo — Will the Other Dogs at the Shelter?
I found out Friday morning my 5-month-old puppy (who we only got two weeks ago) had Parvovirus! Because he's brand new to our home, it's clear he got it from the shelter he was at! The vet said it was going to be $600 (right before Christmas!) and he only had 70 percent chance at survival.…
Turk Needs A Good Home, This Weeks Adoptable Dog
Meet Turk a Male Chihuahua mix, looking for his forever home! The adoption fee for BFHS dogs is $90, and all dogs are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and eligible for a complimentary general physical examination at a local veterinary clinic post-adoption...

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