Dog Lovers This Video Will Make You Tear Up
I am a big time dog lover and feel completely devastated that there are so many awesome dogs who want to do nothing more than to be a companion. But somehow people get dogs and abuse,mistreat and then abandon them. Please if you are thinking about giving a dog as a 'Gift' this holiday seas…
The Guilty Faces Of Dogs [VIDEO]
All dog owners know 'The Look' you know the look of guilt. And for some funny reason we all do what these people do in the video we say 'Did you do this' or 'Look what you did' as if the dog is gong to the other funny thing is the S-L-O-W walk. Enjoy
Swarm of Bees Kills Pasco Chihuahua!
A 7.5-pound dog was put down Saturday after being stung by about 150 bees in its Pasco backyard. Another dog and a 10-year-old boy were also in the backyard at the time. The other dog was injured but will recover.  The boy dove to the ground and tried to save the dogs.

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