Watch this Adorable Dog Play the Piano and Sing!
Hey our pets have hopes and aspirations too! Only wish we had a vid cam at home to see what my pets are doing on a daily basis. This Household got called by police, because neighbors were complaining about the noise. Too funny! ~Faith
Watch the ‘Lazy Way’ to Take Dogs for a Walk!
My dogs are so energetic! I have to jog them everyday!
Some days, I am in too big of a hurry and I just don't have time to change to jogging clothes and take them for as long as they need.
So, I take the easy way out. I go get a nice hot espresso, jump in my car with them in the back and drive th…
A Bichon Frise Makes The Top 7 at Westminster Dog Show
A dog named Banana Joe took the top spot at the 2013 Westminster dog show yesterday. Although the Affenpinscher with a monkey face is really cute you all know I'm partial to Bichon Frises because of my Dog Sophia. Bichons are a breed with a lot to offer if you're looking for a lap/companio…
13 Dogs Who Are So Ready to Celebrate New Year’s Eve
It's true the holidays are easily the greatest time of year, but it can also be the most exhausting. After so much preparation, it sort of feels like we want to nap for weeks. It also doesn't help that we ate our weight in ham and stuffing and chocolate, so we're currently nursing a major food hango…
Brotherly Puppy Love
My son owns the sibling brother of my Rhodesian Ridgeback pup, so when they came for the Holidays they brought him along. The two had so much fun playing together and wrestling 247 that at times they were just completely exhausted! It was so cute how they would hang out together the whole time...

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