Gus the Three-Legged Dog Spreads Joy in Richland
I ran into this dog at a Richland park and had to share his photo. His name is Gus and he doesn't let a disability stop him. Gus was running and jumping all over -- mostly playing with children. His owner said he LOVES children and the kids loved him back...
Watch the ‘Lazy Way’ to Take Dogs for a Walk!
My dogs are so energetic! I have to jog them everyday!
Some days, I am in too big of a hurry and I just don't have time to change to jogging clothes and take them for as long as they need.
So, I take the easy way out. I go get a nice hot espresso, jump in my car with them in the back and drive th…
A Bichon Frise Makes The Top 7 at Westminster Dog Show
A dog named Banana Joe took the top spot at the 2013 Westminster dog show yesterday. Although the Affenpinscher with a monkey face is really cute you all know I'm partial to Bichon Frises because of my Dog Sophia. Bichons are a breed with a lot to offer if you're looking for a lap/companio…

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