A Dose of Cuteness!
My boyfriends sister just got this puppy! It's a "Dry Mouth" St. Bernard pup! they named her "Mia" she was at the 4th of July BBQ and I just fell in love with her!
Apparently, this particular breed doesn't drool like most St. Bernards do...
Squeaky Needs A Home
Meet "Squeaky"! He is a one-year-old neutered male Chihuahua mix in search of his forever home. He was surrendered to the BFHS because his previous owner became ill and could no longer care for him.
Cyrus Needs A Good Home
Cyrus is an energetic and confident dog. He was raised since birth in a household without small children and his previous owner advised that he not be placed with kids,
Couple Spends Six Figures to Clone Dead Dog
Losing a loved one is never easy. Some of us would pay top dollar to get back a child, a significant other, or a best friend that left us too soon. But what about a dog?
Money is no issue for Edgar and Nina Otto who lost their 11-year-old Golden Labrador, Sir Lancelot, to cancer four years ago. So, h…
Six Puppies Miraculously Survive After Being Left in Suitcase
A 53-year-old Ohio man has been charged with counts of animal cruelty and abandoning animals after he allegedly left six four-week-old puppies in a zipped suitcase. Fortunately, the puppies and their mother — who was waiting nearby — were discovered shortly after being abandoned and all …

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