Shoparoo Utilizes Smart Phones to Raise Money for Local Schools
Every year around this time you start to see kids selling discount cards, coupon books, random food items, or even household goods all to raise money for their school or athletics. Even if a random kid doesn't come knocking on your door trying to sell you something, a co-worker will probably hit you…
Tri-Tech Skills Center An Awesome Place To Learn!
I had the pleasure of visiting Tri-Tech Skills Center again today. I've been there a few times to talk to the students who are taking the Radio class there with Ed Daily. Ed is an amazing teacher at Tri-Tech, and also hosts our "Legends of Country" show on Sundays on our siste…
A Woman’s Place In The World
I read an article in the National Post this morning and I thought is was interesting! It has to do with women and how we rank around the world in education,politics,life expectancy ect..
Increase Your Knowledge Free!
I visited my son Nick in Seattle this weekend! He is so brilliant and always has something interesting to share with me.
He showed me a website called the Khan Academy, where you can virtually learn about anything!