Is Facebook Ruining Marriages?
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently got married — but ironically, he may want to keep his new wife off the social media site he founded. A new survey shows divorce cases mentioning Facebook are on the rise.
Facebook Blamed In Divorce Filings Last Year!
It's no secret that lots of people use Facebook to re-connect with people from their past. And sometimes Facebook is used to meet and make friends with new people!
Apparently according to Divorce online 33% of divorce filings last year contained the word 'Facebook'.
Shocking Social Media Punishment
Last week ReShonda Tate Billingsley caught her 12 year old daughter postaing a naughty photo. In the photo her 12 year old  was holding a bottle of Vodka, with a caption that said "I sure wish I could drink this."
As a punishment ReShonda had her daughter post a …
Support the Tri-Cities Carousel Project
In 2003 an antique wooden carousel was purchased and is now in motion to debut at the Southridge Sports and Events Complex in roughly a year.
The 1910 Carmel Carousel is now under the organization and care of "The Carousel Project"...
How to Keep People from Defriending you on Facebook
You may have heard our morning show discussion regarding Facebook. If you want to be up on proper social networking etiquette - stay tuned!
Arizona State Researchers have come out with scientifically-proven rules to win friends and not loose friends on Facebook.

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