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Sharing My Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had a super great one! I was suprised that everything I cooked came out perfectly! We were able to spend time with family and friends and that is the best part about a holiday!
Seriously….I’m Kidding Book By Ellen Degeneres
Hi Everybody!
I had a little chill time over the holiday and finished reading the book by Ellen Degeneres that I bought a week or so ago at Barnes & Noble.
Now, you know I'm a BIG fan of Ellen!  I love her show and watch when I can. I find her hilariously funny! But …
Columbia Crest An Awesome Winery In Patterson [VIDEO]
Last weekend my boyfriend and I had the pleasure of performing at Columbia Crest Winery.  We played in the beautiful  cobblestone courtyard.  The building itself was something to behold. Stucco built, and adorned with Granite and rustic  hard wood. Decorated on the…
What I’ll Miss About Summer! [VIDEOS]
If you’re anything like me, you may feel we were cheated of the long hot summers that we’re used to.  Maybe it’s just my perception, but it feels like we had a shortened summer and I’m sad to see it go.
As the years pass…I tr…
Horse Camping At Conrad Meadows [VIDEOS]
I spent a much needed time away this past weekend at Conrad Meadows.  I think I must be the last soul alive to finally go.  I had heard about how great it was for so long.
We took the horses and on Saturday we rode up to Surprise Lake. It was a gorgeous ride!
Cool Gadget Inspires Runners!
Well, I took a jog yesterday with my friend/co worker Dana,  and at the end of the run, she promtly looked at her Iphone and said “well, we ran 3.99 miles!”  I was intriqued at how she could possibly know that!