Easy to Make Crockpot Meals to Get You Thru Winter!
We all start looking forward to Spring right after Christmas, but the truth is that we have a few months to go before it starts getting warm.
In line with your New Years Resolutions, it's important to eat meals so you don't crave snacks all the time...
My Daughter In Law’s Yummy Chicken Salad Recipe!
Need a quick and easy chicken salad recipe? This is great to top Tortilla chips with! Last time I visited my son and his wife in Seattle, Vanessa made this!

Pulled Chicken
1 Can Corn
Iceberg Lettuce-1/2 head -chop to fine pieces
Canned Jalapeno's  (about 3 chopped)
Light Mayonaise add to consis…
25 Great Slow Cooker Recipe’s For Fall
Nothing like dinner waiting for you when you get home from work or a long horseback ride on a crisp fall day.
Here is a link for Great Slow Cooker Recipe's
I also found a Slow Cooker Recipe's Page on Facebook that looks really good too...

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