Monday Night Football At RF McDougalls Tonight!
Whether you like football or not, you are going to love RF McDougalls!  Really great food, ambiance and football on the TV'S if you care to watch!
Plus my good buddy Big Jim is hosting it, and he's just plain FUN! He's got great giveaways and there are food and drink specials...
106-66: Just Your Typical High School Football Score in Oregon
The Triad High School football team in Klamath Falls, Oregon, defeated Elkton High by a score of 106-66, a combined—and astounding—172 points, setting a new state record. It looks more like a basketball score than football, as Triad scored touchdowns on 16 out of 17 possessions. The only time they d…
The 5 Most Questionable Calls in NFL History
By now, even non-football fans have heard about the officiating debacle in last night's showdown between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks (just check your Facebook feed). Facing a 12-7 deficit with just seconds left to play, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson rolled out of the pocket and …
Football Survey of the Day
While pro football’s ultimate champion will be decided next week, the entire  NFL was a winner in 2011, as the league has never been more popular.

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