Should Funeral Processions Go So Slow? [POLL]
I got stuck behind a funeral procession yesterday afternoon. I waited and was respectful, but the cars behind me were honking and driving around  me at the intersection. To be honest, I felt for them. I wish funeral processions didn't go so slow. What about you?
Is This Creepy?
To me, this is creepy. But maybe you think your family will want an exact replica of your head to display after you die. If so, you won't find this creepy at all.
Whitney Houston Funeral Saturday
Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder will sing at the private funeral service for Whitney Houston that will be held Saturday at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, New Jersey.
Whitney Houston Funeral Saturday

Whitney Houston's funeral will be noon Saturday at New Hope Baptist Church, 106 Sussex Avenue in Newark, New Jersey.  The confirmation came today from a spokesperson for the Houston family.
There are reports that Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, made it clear that her daughter's funeral would take pl…