Funny Videos

Best Bungee Jumping Prank Ever
I am so jealous that I didn't come up with this prank. A guy's buddies blindfold him walked him out onto the end of a platform, and pretended like they were forcing him to bungee jump.
Bizarre Video of a Drunk Girl Falling Through An Awning
Here is Big Jim And Stacy Lee's funny video of the day. Some drunk British chick sitting on an aluminum awning that's attached to the side of a house. The guy shooting the video tells her it's not strong enough to hold her, but she insists it's fine...
Granny On Scooter Drags Kid Through Store!
We don't know where this happened, but someone witnessed an old woman driving through Target on her mobility scooter...and a little kid was holding onto the back of it, letting it drag him through the store on his stomach.
It's not clear if it was the kid's grandmother, or if she even …
And Now…a Frog Sitting on a Bench Like a Human
It's one of two things Tri-Cities, either we have nothing to do, or it's just something we can't stop looking at. This video has been racking up the hits on YouTube. It's a frog sitting like a human...and it just sits there, pure excitement...

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