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Here’s How to Give Your Kid Trust Issues
If you need a quick laugh to start your weekend off right, watch this video of a kid who fell asleep in a stroller...even though he looks way too old to use one. And his parents woke him up by leaving him in the center of the "Splash Zone" outside a water ride...
Old People Love Technology
Apple's Photo booth software...the one that distorts your face, is kind of old news. But if you need an easy laugh, and we don't provide enough of them for you...check out this video we found!
Someone rounded up the best videos of seniors trying it out...
The Ultimate Wedding Reception [VIDEO]
A wedding dance video from July is popping up on a bunch of websites. It's the groom doing the dance from Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video, and he's pretty good. Then the bride joins in near the end, and she's not bad.
The Mattress Domino
Big Jim & Stacy Lee always look over the web for videos that just catch our eye. This one caught us both! The human mattress domino.
You Have To Love “Live” TV
A college basketball announcer named James Bates was doing a segment at half-court before Xavier's game against the University of Dayton on Saturday. And in the middle of his report, the wooden barstool he was sitting on collapsed.
He tried to make a joke about it, but it didn't really land…
Why We Shouldn’t Walk and Text
A reporter for Canada's CBC News was doing a live report outside an office building in Ontario. And in the middle of it, a woman in the background was walking and texting...and fell down a set of stairs.
It was just three concrete steps, but she landed pretty hard...
Harry Potter in 60 Seconds
If you want to know the plot of the entire Harry Potter series from start to finish...but don't want to read anything or sit through 20 hours of movies, now you don't have to. It's Harry Potter in 60 seconds. Enjoy!
This Is How You Order At a Drive-Thru
This may be the best drive-thru order of all time: A wanna-be singer-songwriter named Giorgio Fareira went to the drive-thru at Sonic with his friends. And instead of speaking the order, he brought a guitar and sang it!
The drive-thru girl loved it...

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