Father’s Day Golf
A recent survey asked Fathers what one person, past or present, they'd most like to play golf with on Father's Day.
The answer was ...
anyone but their wives!
Watch as Big Jim & Stacy Lee Get a Grip [VIDEO]
Spring is here and it's time to dust of the golf clubs and get out on the course. Big Jim and I claim to be golfers but just simply owning a set of clubs and in my case proper golf attire does not make a golfer. So this season we've decided to get serious or at least not be hackers when we…
The New Wildhorse Resort
I always hear people complain that there is nothing to do in Tri-Cities. But just 1 hour south of Tri-Cities is a gem just waiting for you!
Everything You Need to Know About Sports in 2011
2011 was a wild year in the world of sports. Sadly, much of the drama occurred off the field and left many of us vainly searching for an answer to the question, “How could they have let this happen?” But fortunately, there were also a lot of great team and individual acco…
Golfer’s Victory Celebration Ends With Broken Shin [VIDEO]
After French golf pro Thomas Levet won the French Open, the 42-year old decided it was time for some dramatic celebrating.
So with the cameras flashing, and some sort of chanting going on in the background, Levet and his agent, Patrice Bartez, jumped into the water hazard at the 18th hole.

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