greg delange

Here’s What Greg Delange Does When He’s On The Air
You may think Greg just sits here in the Key studio everyday between 10 AM and 3 PM thinking of really neat stuff to say and playing all your favorite songs, and that's kinda true but check out his Real Passion and what he's really up to during his shift....
Has Anyone Heard of Gefilte Fruit Dumplings?
My ancestors are German and Russian (Jewish actually, but we're all Christian now). That means my mom has a really interesting family cook book. We always had fruit (berry) dumplings simmered in milk and butter that we called "gafilda" -- but the only food word even close to t…
How to Be a Good Facebook Friend
I love Facebook. I love getting attention on Facebook. In the past I've written up rules for Facebook. These included pet peeves and no-nos. Today I'd like to talk about something everyone SHOULD do on Facebook.
I’m Losing My Baby! Thank You for the Kind Words Everyone!
My son Alex is joining the Air Force in two weeks and I'm having a REALLY hard time with the idea of him leaving home! I shared my thoughts on Facebook and a lot of friends shared their thoughts and prayers with me making me feel much better. Thank you so much. Take a look at the wonderful thin…

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