greg delange

5 Big Mistakes Greg Made at the Gym
As you may know, I joined Club 24 and am now "Gettin' Jiggly With It" to reduce my body fat and get in shape. Since I'm new to the gym, I've been making some mistakes. Learn from my bad example:
Gregs Favorite Childhood Christmas Toy
The year was 1970, Christmas morning, and one huge present under the Christmas tree. What could it be?! I can remember ripping the wrapping paper off in likety slpit time. And their it was... KING DING and his BRAIN ROBOT!! the mighty King Ding was unique in that here was a combination of two rob…
Support Raise-A-Racquet and Help the Boys & Girls Club
A lot of people fantasize about being with a professional tennis player. Your wish could come true, for a Saturday morning, if you can win one in an auction.
On Jan. 27, the Raise-A-Racquet Tennis Tournament will raise money for the Boys & Girls Club of Benton and Franklin Counties through a …

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