A Teal Pumpkin On Your Porch Could Save A Life In Tri-Cities
Halloween is coming quickly and I've recently become aware of a special project that will result in all kids enjoying Halloween safely.
I was unaware that kids with food allergies are usually shut out of treats due to peanuts, nuts and sugars involved with the making most Halloween candy.
The good new…
What Are the Grossest Halloween Candies? VOTE!
I like the Runts -- especially the bananas -- and many people don't -- especially the bananas. I can't stand the NECCO wafers but a coworker loves them. Every kid has candies they save, and ones they trade. What about you? Vote below:
Watch 10 Best Halloween Cartoons for Kids! [VIDEOS]
There are real Halloween treasures on Youtube and I've compiled the best below for your children *cough* to enjoy! Disney, Dr. Seuss, Bobby's World, Berenstain Bears, Winnie the Pooh, Raggedy Ann & Andy and more!
How Old Is TOO OLD for Sexy Halloween Costumes? [POLL]
I know some kids who are uncomfortable with their mother's Halloween costume this year. Just because you've still got it is it OK to flaunt it? Maybe yes, maybe no, but I'm voting now for Halloween (it's a kids holiday). What do you think? At what age should a woman put away the …

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