My Morning Routine! [VIDEO]
These past few days, I've been reminding everyone about healthy ways to eat, that enabled me and my boyfriend Tony to lose 10 lbs in a month with little effort at all.
I also talked about getting out and doing what you love that makes you MOVE! I happen to enjoy lots of activities that are outsi…
Good Looking People Are More Selfish — Study
Attractive people are less likely to cooperate with others, and more likely to focus on their own interest, according to a new study
Spanish researchers had volunteers participate in “Prisoner’s Dilemma“-type games and found that those with the most symmetrical facial features generally took the sel…
Hanford Health & Safety Expo Today & Tomorrow
What is the Expo all about?
The Health & Safety Exposition is an exhibition of information, equipment, supplies, and success stories that promote the health and safety of workers both at home and at work. One way to foster safety as a value in employees' lives is to provide ways to share…
Chocolate Is Healthier Than Fruit!
No Wonder I'm so healthy!!  For some reason, I think this study was done with an ulterior motive.
–According to a new study, chocolate is actually healthier than fruit!  A study that was conducted by . . . Hershey’s.–Really.