Funny Ways People Beat the Heat of Summer!
When my kids were little, we had a big water trough for all the horses. When it would get really hot out, we'd fill it for the kids to swim in. It worked perfectly well! But I think our boys may have gotten teased a bit about it because all their rich friends had high end, in-ground  pools…
Faith Martin & Liberty 1st Solo Trail Ride [VIDEOS]
Okay so if you've been keeping up on the progress of my little adopted filly "Lady Liberty". I showed video of her first trail ride not long ago. It was her 2nd time under saddle.
This is the 3rd time under saddle and the first time we've been solo on the trail with no oth…
How Does He Do This?
I've always trained my own horses, and while I'm pleased at how compliant and good they are...
I am simply AMAZED at this man with his horses!
Check this out!
New Highline & Hammocks![VIDEO]
In spite of a completely horrific windy day "from you know where", Tony & I set out on Sunday with the horses and practiced with our new high line and hammocks that we bought at REI for about $60.  for camping!

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