How Old Is Old Enough to Walk to the Park Alone? [POLL]
Last month a Florida mom was given a ticket for letting her 9 year old son walk to the park by himself. She equipped him with a cell phone and checked in with him, but police still deemed her neglectful. I think (in today's world) any smaller than 13 is too young to go walking down the street b…
5 Adorable Crafts You Can Do With Baby Handprints
Last week we asked you what stuff from your kids you save. The No. 1 answer was handprints. No. 2 answer was footprints. After that people said drawings and paintings from their kids. So that inspired me to find 5 awesome crafts you can make with handprints.
What Did Your Childhood SMELL Like? [SURVEY]
Smells are tightly connected to memory so certain smells instantly take us back to childhood. For me, it's grape smells -- like air fresheners, beverages, popsicles. For Stacy Lee it's school smells like rubber cement and jars of paste.

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