See Everybody’s Favorite Runner at the Black Widow Mud Run!
The Black Widow Mud Run back on Aug. 3 was five miles with over a dozen obstacles. Some people amazingly completed the course in under 40 minutes! We were incredibly impressed with everyone who completed the run, but we all were especially in awe of one particular runner. Everyone was talking about …
How Much Should I Pay a Tri-Cities Babysitter? [POLL]
The other night I asked a couple people -- including a stranger -- how much we should pay the babysitter if the kids were asleep the whole time. They all said, "Nothing." WHAT?! I know that's not right, but how much is fair? We usually end up paying between $13-$16 for three kids age 6 and…
Who Remembers Tri-Cities Junior Soccer?
I've been nostalgic for my childhood lately and was remembering the way youth soccer used to be in Tri-Cities. My kids are too young to play now, so I can't compare and contrast, but here are my favorite things about the way things used to be:

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