Watch My Friend’s Toddler Fall Asleep on His Motorcycle [VIDEO]
My friend gave her son a 49 cc quad motorcycle when he was 18 months. That sucker topped out at 35 miles an hour but she governed it down to about 5 mph. He loved that thing and would always ride it while his dad mowed the lawn. One time dad noticed that DJ would start, then stop. Start, then stop. …
How Much Should I Pay a Tri-Cities Babysitter? [POLL]
The other night I asked a couple people -- including a stranger -- how much we should pay the babysitter if the kids were asleep the whole time. They all said, "Nothing." WHAT?! I know that's not right, but how much is fair? We usually end up paying between $13-$16 for three kids age 6 and…
Who Remembers Tri-Cities Junior Soccer?
I've been nostalgic for my childhood lately and was remembering the way youth soccer used to be in Tri-Cities. My kids are too young to play now, so I can't compare and contrast, but here are my favorite things about the way things used to be:

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